Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring/Summer ~ Newsletter 2012

Welcome to our new blog / newsletter! This is all quite new to us, this blog thing. It started as an idea for a Newsletter and we thought can we easily add things as we think of them? A blog!!! We`d love to hear from you and welcome any feedback or questions!

As the busy playing season begins to unwind and many of you start to make your summer plans, it is now a good time to start thinking about a routine check-up of your beloved musical instruments.

I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s needs at anytime of the year but I just wish to remind you that our busy season for general repairs/maintenance tends to peak from mid-July through
to the end of August. This can sometimes mean a slightly longer wait time for repairs arriving during that time so please remember to get your instruments in as early as possible to have them ready for the beginning of September.

If you have any needs, be it repairs, accessories, instrument check-up, estimate for repairs, have a question or just want to swing by for a visit, please don`t hesitate to call us at 613-395-2841. You can also email me to book an appointment.

Current featured instrument

If any of you are considering upgrading your current violin or have an interest in
violins for investment, I highly recommend this violin we have for sale, as a great opportunity.

Modern Italian Violin made by Umberto de Stefano ~ Rome 1947.

Enlarged images of this instrument may be viewed at the following link:

Should you wish to learn more, or meet the violin in person, please contact me by email:
or by telephone at:


Currently building a Double Bass.  Although I am enjoying the process very much, going back to building a violin afterwards will be quite refreshing.

Be sure to check-in from time to time to see how this monster progresses. 

Photo courtesy of Peter Christopher

Carving the scroll!

Important information about Appraisals:
I would like to remind everyone that even if your instrument is already insured or you are looking to have it insured- you must have a current appraisal on file at your insurance company.
A current appraisal is one dated within the past two years. This is a new policy that has recently come into effect with some companies... it used to be every five years. Check with your insurance company for details and to confirm that your paperwork is up to date. If you need an appraisal updated or a new appraisal for insurance purposes, I can provide you with this service.

Click here for An informative article on Musical Instrument Insurance

REMEMBER! If you find you need to get something instrument related, be it new strings, chinrest or shoulder rest, a new case or bow, we are happy to order in from Geo. Heinl & Company (for 1-2 day service) Please check the wonderful products available at their Online Store

Also check out some Exciting news from Pirastro! if you are interested in their new Evah Pirazzi set of Gold Strings.

Last but not least...

Musical Notes

On the musical front, I am happy to announce that I have recently joined Bandcamp with my 2003 Old Time Album entitled Luke Mercier & Rolling River – Across The Sea

If you’ve not heard it before, it is a fun collection of Appalachian tunes comprised of jaunty string band arrangements, showy fiddle/guitar sets and solo fiddle tunes.
The album features John Sirdevan – fretless banjo, Jeff Cardey – guitar, Tim Bergen – mandolin, Sandy Klieb – acoustic bass and myself on fiddle. 4/5ths of this group were actually working at Heinls in Toronto at the time of this recording. Who would have guessed that the undercarriage to Canada’s violin trade was comprised of a bunch of Old Time musicians...
All songs can be streamed for free or downloaded in loss less WAV format or any other format you may desire for a very small cost. The CD version is available directly from me.

And to hear something totally new and different, have a listen to some songs recorded very recently in our mini-recording studio. We are working on putting together a full length album but have started uploading songs to bandcamp and myspace. The songs have come from poems that Janet`s Great Auntie Nessie wrote throughout her life. Hope you enjoy them!

                                                                            The Nessie Sessions

We wish you all the very best and look forward to serving you in the future.

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